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Gary Parkinson discusses the merits of their new service: Hygiene 20TM Shower Management

Following the launch of their Hygiene 20TM Shower Management service, Gary Parkinson, Managing Director at Nationwide Legionella compliance company W.E.T (Water Environmental Treatment) talks about their latest innovation for FMs & Estates Teams. Shower


Here at W.E.T we have a mission to provide clients with Sensible & Simple solutions for managing water system compliance. As part of this mission, W.E.T have a research and development programme to launch products and services that provide clients with a more cost effective compliance solution.

Our research over the last 2 years has investigated biofilm growth in water systems and the proliferation of bacteria such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Legionella Pneumophila. Specifically, shower hoses captured our attention and results of tests suggested that traditional cleaning processes by ‘hand-and-bucket’ were inadequate at controlling risks, resulting in a serious non-compliance.

Following the successful completion of R&D trials with Professor Anthony Hilton, a leading microbiologist and Deputy Executive Dean of Life & Health Sciences School at Aston University, we have launched to market Hygiene 20TM Shower Management. The service is proving to be the ‘go to’ solution for managing shower compliance and is already helping NHS Trusts and Facility Management companies alike, with 1000s of units being processed today. We are also delighted to have the approval of Water Authorising Engineers and water safety groups, having recognised the benefits of the service.

Working with Professor Hilton, the company developed a highly effective 6-stage cleaning process to achieve a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria to include chemical disinfection, mechanical removal of organic matter and pasteurisation of surfaces. Investment in an efficient production facility and the development of a flexible service, is enabling W.E.T to offer a highly competitive solution to achieving compliance.

6 stage Shower Management system works as follows:

Stage 1 – Decontamination

Targets and breaks down thick biofilms.

Stage 2 – Descaling

Removes scale to expose all surface areas.

Stage 3 – Disinfection

Specialist treatment to penetrate biofilms and target harmful pathogens.

Stage 4 – Shearing

Mechanical removal of microbiological fouling and other deposits.

Stage 5 – Drying

Pasteurisation of all surfaces including hose internals.

Stage 6 – Bagging

Airtight sealed packaging to avoid environmental contamination.

This new Shower Management service will provide our clients with a professional and efficient ‘collect, clean and return’ service, to help achieve compliance in a more effective way than any known process available today.



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