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Inspection of filter system - Click to enlarge
Inspection of filter system
Replacement of filters - Click to enlarge
Replacement of filters
Water meter readings - Click to enlarge
  Water meter readings  
  Creation of detailed schematics for 300+ stores - Click to enlarge  
  Creation of detailed schematics for 300+ stores  
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Experience: Retail

Building use / sector: Retail chain with 300+ stores nationwide
Location: UK
Date: 2002 to present


Initial problem
  • 300+ stores nationwide, plus head office and distribution centres in a variety of locations with diverse system and facility requirements
Enquiry to W.E.T
  • After researching the appropriate action required, enquiry to W.E.T to monitor and inspect stores within the Midland region
Quote and proposal by W.E.T
  • Assessment of individual store requirements and quote based on exact specifications of the enquiry
  • Proposal of services to all UK stores to offer substantial financial savings and time resources by providing dedicated operative team and appointment of an account manager
Building Water Facilities
  • 300+ stores each with a combination of:
    • Water storage tanks between 200 litres and 11 000 litres
    • POU water heaters
    • Calorifiers
    • Wash rooms
    • Showers
    • Eye wash and emergency showers
    • Kitchens
    • On Site Restaurants
Contract of work
  • Annual programme of monitor and inspection of all 300+ UK stores, head office and distribution centres
  • Direct correspondence with individual store by account manager to eliminate administrative resources required from head office
  • Service of up to four sites per day per operative to maximise efficiency
  • Basic service remedial action (i.e. removal of dead legs, insulation to pipework, labels, tank replacement, upgrades of tanks, upgrades to comply with water regulations, etc) carried out within the terms of contract
  • Individual site update and monthly report to head office and area engineers
  • Production of up to date site log books
  • Standard charge for each store fixed for two years to ease accounting and ensure budgetary control

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